Form und Zweck Zwei

The FZZ fanzine project existed from 2008 till 2011. This site's hosting is continued as an archive.



Form + Zweck used to be the design magazine of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). As the GDR ceased to exist the magazine was continued with much enthusiasm and care by the former editors as an affectionate and enthusiast project, which is self-published up until today.
Form und Zweck means form and purpose, and expands the classical modernist credo of form and function. Initially the magazine took up the tradition of the Werkbund and the modern movements ideas of design and translated them into a real- socialist context.

We are publishing Form und Zweck Zwei now! It is by no means meant as a continuation of the original Form and Zweck, which still exists. Form und Zweck is flotsam for us, a find, which is is located within a field traced by subjects we are interested in.

First of all we are formalists; we love the alliteration of Zweck and Zwei.
Secondly, we are intrigued by the relation of form and purpose. Purpose does ask for the aim, asks why? For which purpose?
Thirdly we are haunted by the spectres of modernism.

In this sense, is a projection-screen for things that we find inspiring; a surface to throw bits’n’pieces on.